xHE-AAC Codec Test Service

xHE-AAC (the combination of Extended HE-AAC and MPEG-D DRC) is the latest addition to the MPEG AAC codec family and bridges the gap between speech and audio coding. It provides consistently high-quality audio for all signal types, such as speech, music or mixed content, at all bit rates ‐ starting as low as 6 kbit/s for mono and 12 kbit/s for stereo services, up to 500 kbit/s and above. This makes xHE-AAC the audio codec of choice for digital radio and adaptive streaming applications.

The Codec Test Service

The xHE-AAC Codec Test Service is a web-based service offered by Fraunhofer IIS to verify implementations of xHE-AAC encoding and decoding against the MPEG standards. It provides an environment for adopters of xHE-AAC to test their xHE-AAC integration, and offers them the option to apply for a trademark via our Trademark Program.

The service extends and expands the basic MPEG conformance tests to include tests for encoding, adaptive streaming, MPEG-D DRC and additional aspects that are out of scope in the MPEG conformance. It tests against ISO/IEC 23003-3 and ISO/IEC 23003-4 specifications.

The service consists of:

  • a Decoder test suite
  • an Encoder test suite

It is free of charge and may be accessed by registering with the form below.

The Test Process

Failing test results are automatically and exclusively reported to the registered user. If all tests are successful, the results including a unique identifier will be sent to the registered user and, with the manufacturer's approval, to Fraunhofer IIS. We define the scope and constraints on a page that is accessible to authenticated users only.

  1. Register using the form below.
  2. Once your registration is reviewed by Fraunhofer IIS, your account will be activated. This can take up to 5 working days.
  3. Log into your account
  4. Register a Test Suite for the device under test. Make sure to choose the correct Test Suite and configure it according to the features of your product (see specifications here).
  5. Download the test package and follow the given instructions.
  6. Upload your generated or recorded files as a zip archive to the test service website. Make sure the Package Constraints are met.
  7. Depending on the outcome of the test, the following will happen:
    • If the tests fail, the test report with feedback will be sent to you.
    • If the tests pass, the key and the passing test report can be used in further steps of your Trademark Application.
  8. After each test run, the uploaded and analysis data will be erased immediately.

Terms and Conditions

1. Description

The xHE-AAC Codec Test Service offers a tailored test infrastructure or suite featuring audio files, bitstreams and other test tools to qualified manufacturers and users for testing their xHE-AAC codec implementations used in software products or devices. It is provided by Fraunhofer IIS for professional use only.

The xHE-AAC Codec Test Service allows manufacturers and users to upload the output files generated during testing of their product. The uploaded files are analyzed by a computer program running on the xHE-AAC Codec Test Service web server and an automatic test report will be sent to the user informing them whether their uploaded output files pass the xHE-AAC codec tests. All tests are conducted by manufacturers and users themselves and in no event is a manufacturer or user permitted to claim any approval or endorsement by Fraunhofer of its products nor to give the impression that Fraunhofer is involved in any verification tests conducted by them. The test suite and any test reports are proprietary information of Fraunhofer and solely for manufacturer’s and user’s internal usage and review. Manufacturers and users are allowed to publicly disclose the fact of their successfully tested products, but are not allowed to disclose test reports except to Fraunhofer.

2. User qualification

Registration and qualification for the use of the xHE-AAC Codec Test Service includes an individual, manual activation step on behalf of Fraunhofer. Fraunhofer reserves the right to deliver the test suite only to qualified manufacturers and users. Qualification is dependent on professional use and in conformance with the German export control laws and regulations. To approve the qualification, manufacturers and users are obligated to submit additional information as requested below.

3. Software license type

  • The test suite license is for internal use only and can be used only for a limited time period as described in the Test Suite License Agreement
  • Copying, modifying, decompiling, analyzing, reverse engineering or distributing any parts of the test suite and/or test reports is prohibited.

xHE-AAC is a registered trademark of Fraunhofer in Germany, the United States and other countries.

Requesting Registration for the xHE-AAC Codec Test Service

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